The topic of this year's festival borrows its phrase from a film by the legendary Soviet director, Sergei Eisenstein – Ten Days that Shook the World, which he made in 1928 for the anniversary for the October Revolution. Moreover, Eisenstein's journey to Mexico, portrayed in Peter Greenaway's Eisenstein in Guanajuato, represents “ten days that shook Eisenstein.” The film will be screened at Mezipatra as a part of the main competition.

Major quakes may occur on several levels: social, cultural, and, above all, personal. Eisenstein's adventure in Mexico is therefore one of the many film stories which will be presented at this year's Mezipatra and which capture such smaller and larger earthquakes. It might be the transformation of a boy from New Jersey into the star of the decadent club scene in New York in 54: The Director's Cut; a late romance which shatters the peaceful life of a banker portrayed by Robin Williams in drama Boulevard; or the clash of homosexuality and radical Islam in the documentary called A Sinner in Mecca.

These and numerous other films will be introduced at Mezipatra in Prague from 5th to 12th November, in Brno from 12th to 18th November, and during festival echoes in other Czech cities.

Premiere of the new trailer

In a few days, the audience may enjoy the flagship of Mezipatra, the current festival trailer. It shows how little suffices for – yes, for our world to be shaken. It was made at the steelworks in Kraluv Dvur, and the main parts are portrayed by Stanislav Majer and Jan Nedbal under the direction of Jakub Smid, who thus takes over in the series of promising young filmmakers with distinctive auteur style.

The young actor and director, who gained experience making music videos, short films and television documentaries, in some way included even Eisenstein himself in his team. “I was inspired by Eisenstein's atmosphere, rapid montage, extreme low-angle and bird's-eye shots, and the juxtapositions of details of human body and parts of machinery,” explains Smid, adding: “Music is based on the natural noises of industrial environment which get gradually rhythmical and create harmony.”

Would you like to learn more? Come to the NEONE club on 8th October at 20:00 to the official premiere of this year's trailer. Lucia Kajankova, the festival's program director, will also reveal the highlights of this year's program, and Mutuju, Pepi Møreti and other DJs will play in the interim.

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  • The new edition of Mezipatra Queer Film Festival is centred around the topic of The Days That Shook the World.

  • The trailer was directed by Jakub Smid, starring Stanislav Majer.

  • The trailer's premiere and introduction of the program's highlights will take place on 8th October in NEONE club in Prague.

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