The award for the best feature and short film was prepared just like last year by the design studio Dechem formed by Jakub Janďourek and Michaela Tomišková. During the production, they were inspired by the theme Be Your Own Champion and our paradise-like trailer.

"We created a large stylized apple with a stem of solid black glass with a hole. Each category has its own color: orange, red and gray," explains Jakub. "Mezipatra is engraved by sand on its surface. However, filmmakers should appreciate the fact that the price itself is very heavy due to the use of large quantities of melted glass." But as he adds with a smile, that's why it carries a lot of weight.

DECHEM01 MEZIPATRA 2017 f Krisitna Hrabetova

DECHEM03 MEZIPATRA 2017 f Krisitna Hrabetova

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