Queering the Script

On the Edge

What does actress Lucy Lawless think about her character Xena being a lesbian icon? What other lesbian archetypes appear in the history of North American TV production? And, above all, what do the viewers themselves think about them? With humour and enthusiastic criticism, the documentary Queering the Script reminds us of essential pop culture work that is unforgettable for female viewers who love women. At the same time, it points out to the insufficient representation of lesbian and bisexual women in entertaining TV production and uncovers a large female fan base of fantasy series. The space in front of the camera is given mainly to the female fans participating in the Clexacon fair, which is a unique platform for sharing TV show passions. They gradually comment on numerous problematic aspects of TV production, including the phenomenon of lesbian characters being killed off. How do the female viewers react to the trends? And is there any connection between fandom and activism? You’ll learn all this and much more in this film, which won the main prize at the Outfest festival in Los Angeles.

  • Canada / 2019
  • 90 min / DCP
  • English
  • Subtitles: No Subtitle
  • Directors: Gabrielle Zilkha
  • Writers: Gabrielle Zilkha
  • Jeffrey Winter
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