I offer passion, deceit and illusion,
Easy to find with your telephone.
Dial the number, it's a start,
I'm nothing more than a talking cunt

The gate to the world of lust has just opened. This is Daisy, and I will fulfil all your dreams... Eli, a young and inexperienced Jewish boy, feels that he needs training in sexual matters, and decides to take the easiest path: calling a sex line. What he does not know is that on the other end is Daisy, an elderly lady with a pleasant voice who kills time by knitting a red jumper. They slowly get to know each other, and it all ends with a twist. Based on a script by Jan Bodnar, a young writer from Brno. Performed by Hem'S theatre company under Bodnar's direction, starring Petr Kobzev and Marketa Maryasova, whose excellent performance as Daisy enchanted audiences for example at this year's Lunapark festival and Divadlo ke kave. The passionate score complementing the performance is provided by virtuoso Miroslav Jurcik.

Trojka Café
Nov. 13, 7:00 p.m.
Admission: CZK 50

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