My Own Private Hell / Inferninho

Focus: Family

In the ruins of a modern metropolis, an infernal bar is open daily in the poor neighborhood. Accompanied by a young singer's off-key tunes, a fat pink bunny with a moustache serves the unconventionally conventional guests whisky, and the suits' stiffness is unraveled into fluffy, plushy outfits of freedom. Everyone can be who they want to be. One day, the motionless calm of the cosy bar is disrupted by the arrival of a handsome sailor, who makes all the present hearts beat faster, and primarily captures the attention of the bar's manager, Deusimar. But the bewitching woman gains not only the sailor's love, but also his dark past, just as destructive as the construction company that wants to close the bar down. Enchanting with its playfulness and originality, this theatrically cruel fairy-tale about the pursuit of fleeting happiness was presented at the Rotterdam festival.

  • Brazil / 2018
  • 82 min / HD
  • Portuguese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Directors: Guto Parente, Pedro Diógenes
  • Writers: Pedro Diógenes, Guto Parente
  • Cast: Yuri Yamamoto, Demick Lopes, Samya De Lavor
  • Embaúba Filmes
  • Praha: Fri 9 Nov 2018 / 6:00 pm / Kino Pilotů, malý sál Buy
  • Brno: Wed 21 Nov 2018 / 11:00 pm / Kino Art Buy
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