One of the upcoming screenings of Sauvage will take place at Pilotů cinema on September 16 at 6:30 pm. What will be different? This time you will see the film with English subtitles so you can come and enoy the film even more. Buy your ticket on time! The film will be introduced by a new distribution brand of Mezipatra Queer Kino.

Award-winning film about intimity and absolut freedom

The French director Camille Vidal-Naquet's feature debut Sauvage was first introduced during the Critics' Week at the 70th Cannes film festival in 2018, and has since been featured in the program of over thirty festivals worldwide. The film examines a world of absolute freedom and tells the story of an individual who approaches life passively, but demands its gentle attention. This provocatively physical drama premiered in Cannes International Critics' Week and offers a blunt insight into nooks that normally remain hidden. 

Léo views men as just as interchangeable as the days he struggles through. His past is unknown to us, his future uncertain. The only stable point in the twenty-two-year-old man’s life is the present, and it isn’t exactly bright: he sells his body in the streets, he has nowhere to sleep and his only escape is provided by drugs. Moreover, unlike other prostitutes, he doesn’t go with his clients to make money, but to enjoy for a few fleeting moments the intimacy and warmth of the bodies he should satisfy. But it’s as if he didn’t belong in the world of impersonal meetings, violence, and competition. That’s because it is difficult to satisfy the need for love when all inhibitions have vanished.

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