After a successful premiere at MQFF Mezipatra, the co-production documentary Boylesque is coming to Czech cinemas. The bittersweet film about the search for love at the end of life is an inspiring portrait of the charismatic Andrzej, who as the Polish drag queen Lulla La Polac entertains the audience even at the age of 82 and tries to keep pace with the thirty year olds he surrounds himself with. The distribution premiere will take place on June 7, 2023 from 19:00 at the Edison Filmhub cinema in Prague with the participation of director Bogna Kowalczyk.

A bittersweet portrait of the oldest Polish drag queen

Village dances for seniors and gay clubs, Pride in Berlin and picking mushrooms in the forest, memories of a deceased partner and dating guys from a dating site. Charismatic Andrzej, whose stage name is Lolla La Polaca, wants to live his life to the fullest, but he is 82 and his body, unlike his spirit, is getting weaker. The interest of promoters is also waning, although as a drag queen, Lolla La Polaca definitely still has something to offer a young audience.

He doesn't have it easy in his personal life either. His peers already want to have peace, and the thirty-somethings he surrounds himself with can handle much more than that. And what about men? He has already coped with the loss of his life partner, but how will Andrzej cope with the culture of dating apps? In a sensitive documentary, the talented Polish director Bogna Kowalczyk tells a bittersweet story that will force audiences of all generations to throw away their prejudices about the elderly.

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The talented director Bogna Kowalczyk

Bogna Kowalczyk is a director, animator, graduate of the world-famous Film School in Łódź (field of animation direction) and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technologies (field of new media art). Bogna currently works as a creative art director, animator and director at Warsaw Production. Her work often combines traditional techniques with a modern approach. Since 2009, she has supported dozens of short films and music videos as an animator, CGI expert, dramaturg and assistant director.

BOYLESQUE director Bogna Kowalczyk photo Alicja Kozak


Poland/Czech republic/2022

Original title: Boylesque
Directed by: Bogna Kowalczyk
Screenplay: Bogna Kowalczyk
Camera: Miłosz Kasiura
Hudba: Wojciech Frycz
Cast: Andrzej Szwan a.k.a Lulla La Polaca
Recommended rating: 12+ 
Genre: Dokumentární
Length of the film: 71 minut 
Copy types: DCP2D, mp4 
Language: Angličtina
Subtitles: Czech, Czech + English

How to order

In Disfilm, or via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Distribution number: QR19009

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