Girls in Uniform / Mädchen in Uniform


A twist of fate places young Manuela in the reserved environment of an educational institution. The last word always belongs to Miss von Bernburg, and Manuela survives only thanks to the warmth of her peers. But that quickly cools when Manuela decides to speak about her affection for the teacher. The school turns into an icy kingdom with no chance of escape. Will the girl be strong enough to withstand the pressure? Director Leontine Sagan’s film became a hit in 1930s Europe and still remains a classic of queer cinema.

  • Germany / 1931
  • 98 min / DCP
  • German
  • Subtitles: English
  • Directors: Leontine Sagan
  • Writers: Friedrich Dammann
  • Cast: Hertha Thiele, Dorothea Wieck
  • Beta Film
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