“The camera lies all the time, lies 24 times per second…”, said Brian de Palma. Questioning the truth of representation is central to understanding film. Questions of truth and truthfulness are also inseparably linked to debates on sexuality.

The Czech expression for coming out is “to confess”, women are often not trusted to be true lesbians, and festivals like ours are called “gay propaganda” (they know too well in Russia). In the story of queer cinema, films based on true stories play an important role: many of the major films known from regular distribution fall into this category (I Love You Phillip Morris, Howling, Milk, Monster…) and you will see such films in this year’s program.

We will also look into the phenomenon of reality TV, which opened the doors of millions of living rooms to gays and lesbians (from Big Brother to the Queer Eye).

Those festivalgoers who are familiar with the program already know that the festival theme is reflected in big social themes as well as interpersonal and intimate issues. This year, I am especially excited about films that dare challenge the idea of a simple and observable reality, for example Animals or the Do Yourself section, which presents films about performers and performance.

I believe that anybody can relate to this year’s theme.

I wish you a truly exceptional Mezipatra.

Aleš Rumpel
Festival Director

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