A world created by parents for their post-revolution children.

Mysterious night event in Brno will be taking place on Nov. 17 from 7:30 p.m.

Lecture walk with Jan Seidl around places in downtown Brno, where the history of our community was taking place over the past 100 years.

When rabbi Yaacov Deyo came up with the first version of “speed dating” to give the young single Jews the opportunity to meet people, little did he know the LGBT would adopt this idea.

We remember

Prague's Mezipatra farewell took place on November 15 and brought it to an end. The ceremony took place in Lucerna Theater where awards given by the main and student juries were both announced. Boys Don't Cry was screened as the final film.

The main party of the Brno part of Mezipatra

Time-tested and popular improvisational theatre performed with a queer-related topic on the occasion of Mezipatra. Last year, local group DŽEM took part in an improve challenge with BAFNI ; this year, they will welcome O.Li.V.Y. from Olomouc.

The format of reality shows is a “true lie.” It works with “reality” and “ordinary people”, but the outcome is difficult to determine. It is still the result of a manipulated TV production. There are key queer characters in every reality show, who are utilized in different ways.

Are families in which the children are brought up by two dads any different from families with a mother and a father? Which dad will help the children with their homework, and which one will do the laundry and prepare snacks for school? How are they doing? And what do their children think about it? This was the discussion about such “normal families”.

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