Beau Travail


The glimmer of the azure coast cannot reach the French Foreign Legion barracks located in the desert. Almost at the end of the world, officer Galoup tries to train a unit of new soldiers. But his obsession with one young recruit becomes fateful. He wants nothing more than to destroy the boy at all costs. Jealousy clouds Galoup’s mind so much so that it prevents any rational thought. A tragedy of a duel between two men plays out, with nobody able to emerge as the victor because they’re at a place where honour has long since died. Starring Denis Lavant, Claire Denis’s iconic film belongs among the most critically acclaimed films of modern cinema.


  • France / 1999
  • 92 min / Blu-ray
  • French
  • Subtitles: English
  • Directors: Claire Denis
  • Writers: Agnès Godard
  • Cast: Denis Lavant, Grégoire Colin, Michel Subor
  • La Gardere Studio
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