Forbidden Joys

International Short Film Competition

Someone likes diving, someone likes peeking through a keyhole and someone even likes being in a tub full of jelly. Everybody gets aroused by something else, but only some desires are universally accepted. And if your preference isn’t among the common ones, you must choose: Will you confess, or will you rather keep your desire locked in a cold cellar?

Kiko's Saints / Les Saints de Kiko

Kiko's Saints
  • France / 2019
  • 26 min / HD file
  • Directors: Manuel Marmier
  • Producers: Marcello Cavagna, Anne Luthaud
  • Writers: Manuel Marmier
  • Cast: Lika Minamoto

Ruby Red

Ruby Red
  • United Kingdom / 2019
  • 8 min / HD file
  • Directors: Philippe Audi-Dor
  • Producers: Will Edwick
  • Writers: Philippe Audi-Dor
  • Cast: Amelia Bennett , Basil Eidenbenz

Friend of a Friend

Friend of a Friend
  • France / 2020
  • 14 min / HD file
  • Directors: Zachary Zezima
  • Writers: Zachary Zezima
  • Cast: Meera Rohit Kumbhani, Isaac Kessler, Shawn Stoner

Off Season / Saison Calme

Off Season
  • France / 2019
  • 19 min / HD file
  • Directors: Célia Bchir
  • Writers: Célia Bchir
  • Cast: Céline Berti, Violette Gitton

Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves / Toomas teispool metsikute huntide orgu

Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves
  • Croatia, Estonia, France / 2019
  • 18 min / HD file
  • Directors: Chintis Lundgren
  • Writers: Chintis Lundgren, Draško Ivezic
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