Kočky, festivalové snímky, kraťasy, filmová retrospektiva, přednášky, divadlo, taneční workshop, parties atd. Když se v Brně řekne „Mezipatra“, nemyslí se tím pouze týdenní směsice filmů, ale také nabitý doprovodný program – tento rok z kočičí perspektivy. Z čeho si vybírat a co (dál) s načatým festivalem? Ať už si chcete zpestřit LGBT+ snímky o zcela jiné zážitky, nebo rádi žijete filmové festivaly mimo kinosály, máme pro vás následující přehlídku alternativních akcí.

V hlavním městě už oplakáváme konec pražské části Mezipater i odjezd našich skvělých zahraničních hostů, zato Brno se má na co těšit! Mezipatra v Brně oficiálně odstartují zítřejším zahájením. Že vyvrcholením festivalu v Praze nic neskončilo a naopak toho mnoho teprve začíná, se však přesvědčíte už dnes v Brně na vernisáži fotografa Vladimíra KIVY Novotného.

The award for the Best Feature Film has been awarded to The Ornithologist (O Ornitólogo) by the acclaimed director João Pedro Rodrigues. Created in Portuguese-French-Brazilian co-production, the film is a visionary and cinematically breathtaking essay mapping the unusual journey of ornithologist Fernando through wild Portuguese nature. It uses homoerotic elements as well as Catholic symbolism and references to the lives of saints. Watch the trailer here.

The main jury has been selecting the best feature film of the 17th Mezipatra for the whole week. Today during the closing ceremony, you will find out the winner! You'll have another chance to see this film in Světozor cinema on Thursday at 8:30 p.m.

Melville Farr is a lawyer who has it all – there's nothing to stop his promising career, and his beautiful wife Laura fully supports him. The life of a man who is valued for his orderly life organised around the right values suddenly shatters after a tragic event: the suicide of young “Boy” Barett, with whom he used to have a secret affair.

Kim, Momo and Bella are three friends whose lives have so far been tough. They are bullied at school, their teachers' approach helps nothing, and it's only their strong friendship and mutual support that give them a sense of security. They choose a greenhouse as their refuge, and find there a curious seed which grows into a mysterious plant overnight. Excited by its sweet scent, they decide to taste its berries, not knowing that the magical plant can change them into boys.

You are petting a tomcat and he keeps purring, until he suddenly scratches you... Andreas and Stefan are two men in their prime who know how to live. They take care of each other, their beautiful house and garden, and their beloved tomcat named Moses, who appeared one day and decided to stay.

Fernando is a lonely ornithologist heading to the remote parts of northern Portugal to find an endangered species of black stork. While kayaking down a river, he is swept away in the rapids, and the straightforward journey with its clear goal suddenly turns in a completely different direction.

Seventeen-year-old Naama spends her free time drinking, experimenting with drugs and loitering with friends. After all, she can't enjoy much peace at home – her overprotective mother and neurotic father basically cannot understand her, and the family atmosphere thickens after her older sister's sudden disappearance.

Because of a flight complication, the Saturday screening of Transparent will be without Rhys Ernst, but visitors can look forward to Cerise Howard, an Australian journalist focusing on trans* representation in film, and to the founder of local Transparent initiative, Damian Machaj.