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Documentary - Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

“Leave Britney alone!” demands the 17-year old outsider and video blogger Chris Crocker, while hidden under the bed sheet and crying into his webcam. This very YouTube video reaches hundreds of millions views and Chris is internet's new phenomenon with fans, haters, imitators and getting the attention of traditional media too. Chris adores Britney Spears, stylizes himself as her, is being raised by his grandparents (who believe the Internet made him gay) and is bullied by classmates in bum-fuck town, Tennessee. His answer to his reality of being any joke's punch line is to make himself as visible out there as possible. His tools entail a webcam and broadband wifi. We meet the young Chris obsessed with his videos and the Chris of 24 years, and soon discover one unpleasant family history. A fascinating modern story written by the Internet takes views of the virtual identities and manners in which people, tell, share and modify their stories. The multi-layered documentary is a directing debut, which charmed many festivals since premiering at Sundance.

  • United States / 2012
  • 80 min / DCP
  • Directors: Chris Moukarbel, Valerie Veatch
  • Cast: Chris Crocker
  • Memento Films
  • Praha: Wed 13 Nov 2013 / 8:30 pm / Kino Lucerna Buy
  • Brno: Tue 19 Nov 2013 / 8:30 pm / Kino Art - velký sál
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