On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

International Short Film Competition
When inner balance is up in the air, even a small impulse may turn the world upside down. Whether it’s an abstract image, an unexpected job offer or a political statement, all that can provoke and create obstacles for our protagonists. You can look forward to intimate dialogues as well as loaded weapons.

Babydyke / Babylebbe

  • Denmark / 2020
  • 20 min / HD file
  • Directors: Tone Ottilie
  • Writers: Tone Ottilie
  • Cast: Anna Zerbib Streitz, Levi Eja Roepstorff, Nikoline Husmer Marquardsen

The Tear’s Thing / Le Coup des larmes

The Tear’s Thing
  • France / 2020
  • 25 min / HD file
  • Directors: Clémence Poésy
  • Writers: Clémence Poesy
  • Cast: Sabine Timoteo, India Hair

A Fire in the Sun / Las Llamas del Sol

A Fire in the Sun
  • Spain / 2020
  • 12 min / HD file
  • Directors: Pepe Sapena
  • Writers: Belén Sevillano, Ángel Gasco-Coloma
  • Cast: Carolina Sobisch, Loreto Santamaría

Cheesy Films / Kitschige Filme

Cheesy Films
  • Germany / 2019
  • 8 min / HD file
  • Directors: Eline Gehring
  • Writers: Eline Gehring
  • Cast: Esther Hafner, Léa Wegmann, Rosa Thormeyer


  • Germany / 2019
  • 8 min / HD file
  • Directors: Francy Fabritz
  • Writers: Francy Fabritz
  • Cast: Eva Medusa Gühne, Helga Seebacher, Sigird Graje, Paul Frielinghaus, Marion Brasch, Sara Fazilat
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