We will welcome the very first guest of this year's Mezipatra, Parvez Sharma, an Indian journalist and filmmaker living in New York whose films focus mainly on the attitude of Islam towards homosexuality.

Lounging in dark screening halls must sometimes alternate with some lighter program.

Apart from great films, you can also come to lectures and discussions at Mezipatra, meet interesting Czech and foreign guests, and find out why some people sound more “gay” than others, what is “normporn,” or what is the representation of trans* people in film and media like. 

Pokud jste ještě nikdy nebyli na Mezipatrech a letos se chystáte, tak vězte, že… Nejdete na Mezi ploty. Na Bohnice jsme sice dva dny před zahájením zralí všichni, o divadlo ani o hudbu ale na Mezipatrech primárně nejde. Jde hlavně o filmy – letos jich bude 66, většinu z nich uvidíte v české premiéře a spousta z nich již ovládla světové festivaly. Mezipatra znamenají ale mnohem víc, jak ví nejen všechny pražské buzny

Co tím konkrétně myslíme se dočtete v našem blogu!

Forty-four short films from four continents in seven sections. You can see student films as well as professional ones, live-action dramas and comedies, music videos, animation and documentaries.

Apart from feature films and retrospectives, we offer also a selection of documentaries. True to the theme of this year's Mezipatra – The Days that Shook the World – we have focused on stories that resonate in society.

You should be prepared for this year's Mezipatra even in Brno and buy a festival pass. For 490,- CZK you can see seven films. For this amount you should normally get only five tickets so do not hesitate and buy you festival pass. We have limited amount.

You can enjoy decadence and exotic connected by the theme "Days That Shook the World". In personal life as well as in relation to the whole society, its transformations and shifts.

You can choose from 66 films that we brought from all corners of the world. All information can be found in the film catalogue or program schedule.

The topic was inspired by not only the film by the legendary Soviet director, Sergei Eisenstein – Ten Days that Shook the World, but Eisensten's life as well. This year's Mezipatra will show that major quakes may occur on several levels: social, cultural, and, above all, personal.

You can enjoy the flagship of Mezipatra, the current festival trailer in it's premiere on 8th October at 20:00 at NEONE club. You will also be revealed the highlights of this year's program, and Mutuju, Pepi Møreti and other DJs will play in the interim.

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