Each beginning must be celebrated. After the screening of Mezipatra’s opening film, The Divide, we’ve prepared a party at Lucerna Café with DJs Nill Garçon, Miss Carriage or Barbora. Let’s meet with our friends, enemies, frenemies, and of course the whole Mezipatra team after the long break. And leave gifts at home.


Kavárna Lucerna, Praha
4. 11. / 21:00
admission: free

The assortment of queer festivals around Europe is growing in a promising way. But in countries where the support of institutions as well as the general public is lacking, organizing such an event is a great challenge. Where to find motivation and financial and production resources when all the circumstances are against you? The representatives of young film festivals from Cyprus, Romania and Portugal will tell us. The discussion will be in English.

Svět HUB, Praha
6. 11. / 11:00
admission: free


While queer characters and stories gradually gain more space in cinemas and on TV and computer screens, the roles still go to actors and actresses of majority identity and sexuality. The studios and producers claim a lack of suitable candidates without acknowledging discrimination and the unequal opportunities queer performers face. We’ll be asking representatives of a major British queer casting agency and actors from the (for us more familiar) Central European region. The discussion will be in English.


Svět HUB, Praha
6. 11. / 13:30
admission: free 


Their films rarely get into the traditional cinema distribution, but the names of queer filmmakers form Asia strongly resonate around European festivals. In their work, Eastern film tradition meets a fresh view on LGBTQ+ issues, which they can address in a more free and explicit way than in their home countries. The discussion with a Chinese documentary director and other exile filmmakers will be in English.

Svět HUB, Praha
6. 11. / 16:30
admission: free

Is a school a safe space for those who are queer? Let’s educate ourselves at an interactive workshop for teachers and parents, where we’ll learn in an entertaining way how to support a safe coming-out and how to address the issues of gender roles and stereotypes in education. The event will be hosted by Marcela Macháčková (Mezipatra at Schools). You can register for the event here


Czechitas, Praha
6. 11. / 13:00
admission: free 

You own everything! We're going to celebrate big-style, so come to the Prague club icon, Ankali, and show us what you got. Introducing DJ Luz from legendary Berlin-based queer femme/ non-binary collective Room 4 Resistance, DJ Obštrukcia, and Ankali's resident DJ Eva Porating.


Ankali, Praha
6. 11. / 11 p. m. 
admission: 250 / 350 CZK
18+ event

Ema has a mum, and mum feels more like a dad. Meet families with a trans member. Is their everyday life and their problems different from “traditional families”? And what to do when your child tells you they’d like to undergo transition? The talk show full of true stories and life lessons will be hosted by the moderator of YouTube show V Tranzu and a board member of Trans*parent organization Lenka Králová.


Divadlo U Valšů, Praha
7. 11. / 18:00
admission: free

Brunch and film pitches, could you think of anything better to do on a Sunday morning? Short films sometimes draw the short stick in cinema, yet they play a major role in the careers of their creators. Short forms are how starting directors establish themselves at festivals and let the world know of their talent. What compromises and specifics must one keep in mind in terms of short films? Is the constricted time enough for a full-fledged expression? Directors participating in this year’s short films competition will talk about the stories of their films.

PS: For those coming after the main party, we will be serving hangover cures by Absolut (any Bloody Marry fans here?).


Svět HUB, Praha
7. 11. / 11:30
admission: free


LGBTQ+ characters have long played the role of monsters and threats to the society. But the trend of thrillers and horrors which utilize queer topics in a complex way and avoid genre conventions is gradually expanding. Such bold films as Thelma (2017), The Duke of Burgundy (2014) and Raw (2016) prove that even genre films can be narrated without stereotypes and formulas. The discussion with filmmakers unafraid to cross genre boundaries will be in English.

Svět HUB, Praha
7. 11. / 14:30
admission: free

What do queer people‘s lives and intimacy look like in the old age? What are the challenges for the older generation living outside of a “traditional” family? And may coming-out happen at the age of seventy? Sociologist Jaroslava Hasmanová-Marhánková, director of ZIVOT 90 organization Jaroslav Lorman and others will talk about all this and more at a panel discussion hosted by Bára Šichanová.

Divadlo U Valšů, Prague
9. 11. / 6:00 p.m.
admission: free

Even the best things must come to an end… Will Mezipatra have its happy end? You’ll find out at the closing party at Lucerna Café with DJ sets from Brigitte Noir, HOLY, and Never Sol. Come say goodbye and celebrate the end of the festival’s 22nd edition together.


Kavárna Lucerna, Praha
10. 11. / 21:00
admission: free

Mezipatra's official afterparty directed by Future Jiskří, an open collective of pop and progressive club electro enthusiasts. Join the celebration of life at an Avant-Garde party full of glitter and enchanting electronic beats where hyperpop meets deconstructed club sound. You can look forward to live performances of Toyoty VangelisLil Autotune a litterbin b2b Nevinnost.

Swim, Praha
11. 11. / 22:00
admission: 150 CZK (at doors)

The exhibition will introduce ten stories of famous as well as unknown personalities from our history. There’s one thing connecting these men and women – they were different. They fought for emancipation, were active in politics, were LGBTQ+ activists during the First Republic, or represented the so-called pink triangles in Nazi camps. The exhibition also features illustrations by Dana Lédl and Barbora Idesová.

The exhibition is organized by Život 90 in co-productions with Mezipatra QFF


Tři Ocásci, Brno
Nov. 13.–26.
opening: Nov. 12 / 6 p.m.
admission: free

This time, we’ll open the festival in Brno in a cabaret! You can look forward to a spectacular show full of cabaret numbers. In addition to the opening ceremony, you can look forward to the lip sync of the famous drag queen Daina Divad. If you don't come, you'll lose a lot.

The opening will be followed by the screening of Being BeBe. Then it will continue with The Future Jiskří team (led by drag queen Miss Petty), who will shine at the opening Celebration Party of the Brno part of Mezipatra. A decadent party in the name of hyper pop with captivating electronics from Toyota Vangelis and Litterbin.


Cabaret des Péchés, Brno
Nov. 13 /  7:00 p.m. Opening ceremony with screening Being BeBe
/ 10:00 p.m. Celebration Party

admission: 210 Kč (opening ceremony + screening + party)
120 Kč (just party, on site)

Most queer people have experienced some form of hate pointed towards them. What if this hate is assimilated by queer people themselves and used to hurt each other? From what does this toxic environment emerges and how to end it? Our debaters will offer their personal experience, scientific take of the topic and also possible solution of healing the community from inside for it could breathe freely and be healty as it stands. The guests will be Denie Kony and Ondřej Moučka for the community. Moderated by Ela Plíhalová.


Goose on a String Theatre, Brno
Nov. 14 / 6:00 p.m.
admission: free

Faith is a refuge. And it doesn’t matter who or what you believe in. And neither gender nor orientation play any role in faith! Whether you’re religious or not, queer or straight – come to the mass served by pastor Iveta Hušková and let’s create and support community. #nohate #onlypray


Hussite Church Building, Brno
Nov. 14 / 3:00 p.m.
admission: free

Faith is an intimate, personal thing. Just like sexuality. So why is it that the Church is against followers from sexual minorities? Is equal marriage a sin? Does sexual orientation affect the practices of faith? Is the Church ready to accept diversity? And what’s the role of politics in all that? Come and join our guests in a discussion on current issues from a religious point of view in Central Europe. As hosts we will welcome priest Anna Polcková, radio editor Hana Svanovská and former priest Jiří Pešek. Moderated by Kamila Zlatušková


Goose on a String Theatre, Brno
Nov. 15 / 6:00 p.m.
admission: free

What’s the connection between eroticism and Kabbalah? Under what circumstances is a word creative? Why must capitalism be overcome? The first of regular discussions of Wolfgang Spitzbardt will touch upon sexuality and identity in the transformations of the modern era. The talk will feature excerpts from play Daddy (2009), and the documentary It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He Lives (1971).


Goose on a String Theatre, Brno
Nov. 16 / 6:00 p.m.
admission: free

Do you know what Stonewall was? When and where was the first Pride organized? Do you know all the names of the contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race by heart? Well, the victory is yours! And if you’re lost in this topic, you’ll become an expert after our quiz. The information-packed and unforgettable experience will be provided by the host of the evening, the phenomenal Brno drag queen Ivory Divine.


Cabaret des Péchés, Brno
17. 11. / 18:00
vstupné: 50 Kč

To escape the chilly autumn weather, we will gladly welcome you in our warm, witty embrace! We understand that “positive” is the most negative word of this year, but we’ll still try to cheer you up. You’ll have a chance to see comedians from the ArtBar. And if you also have ambitions to perform for an audience, just drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least a week beforehand.


Cabaret des Péchés, Brno
Nov. 18 / 6:00 p.m.
admission: free

Come and join us for an unforgettable evening at a place where the door usually remains closed to most. You can look forward to a secret film screening for adults, accompanied by a saucy surprise. A thrilling visual experience at a secret location will tickle all the senses and open the way to hidden desires. Meeting at the stairs behind OC Letmo!


OC Letmo, Brno
Nov. 19 / 6:00 p.m.
admission: free

Get out of your comfort zone and off of your phone so you can meet awesome new people face-to-face who could be your perfect match. Experience a real connection on our speed dating - girls in anoda, guys in But. Sign up through the online form here.


anoda, Brno (girls)
But Bar, Brno (boys)
Nov. 20 / 4:00 p.m.
admission: free

Everything ends eventually, just like this year's 22nd festival. During the gala evening, the audience award will be presented to the festival's most successful film, and the charming composer and singer Eva Gadhof will perform. The last film of this year's festival will be Invisible Loves, followed by the closing Discofilcky Meziparty. 

Host of the evening: Viktor Harangi.


Art Cinema, Brno
Nov. 20 / 7:00 p.m.
admission: only with the film ticket

Do you want to know how Paris Hilton would turn tables if she was from Brno and poor? An intense dose of eclectic musical intelligence, peppered by a congenial sense of humour, will captivate you and won’t let go. Brno DJs Diskofilcky will sweep you off your feet with a shocking combination of disco and all (un)imaginable in ArtBar Druhý Pád. And that’s not all… we will welcome drag queen Tonic Garbage a drag king Rudy Daddy. And that’s hot!


Artbar Druhý pád, Brno
Nov. 20 / 10:00 p.m.
admission: 50 CZK

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