The tumultuous social changes that have taken place in the last two years have also had a hard impact on queer communities. Queer people are also often more vulnerable than members of the majority. They would often feel lonely and face problems at home. They also often work in fields that have suffered more under the flailing economy. Research polls have even reported the alarming fact that many queer people felt threatened at home during the pandemic, and that depression and anxiety were more prevalent in the queer population than in the majority society.

The situation has, however, also provided us with an opportunity for deeper self-reflection. Many of us are now much better aware of what brings us joy, who we need, and who we love. For this year’s festival, we’ve chosen the theme Celebrate Life, because life is a universal value, and it’s important to celebrate it at every age. Each individual deserves our full understanding of their identity and respect for self-identification. 

The main goal of Mezipatra is to show queer life at its most diverse and fullest. I’m overjoyed that this year’s films offer such a wide ranging view, and I’m convinced they will promote mutual understanding and help us to grasp what it is we and others need. The program of the 22 nd edition will help us to celebrate each and every moment of our lives, and to appreciate ourselves and our loved ones. I believe the difficult period we have undergone has helped us to rediscover the beauty of being close to one another, and to realize the most precious thing we have is ourselves. Life is of value, no matter our identity or who we love. Now more than ever, it is time to demand equality and respect.

Pavel Bicek, Festival Director

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