• The Prague part of Mezipatra Queer Film Festival finished on Wednesday, November 13. The festival then moves to Brno, where it finishes on November 22.
  • The anniversary 20th edition, with the theme of Winds of Change, introduced 60 films altogether.
  • The Prague part of Mezipatra was visited by 7.600 people.
  • Mezipatra Queer Film Festival is starting in Prague on November 7 and will continue until November 14. Then, it will move to Brno, where it finishes on November 22.
  • Visitors can look forward to the crème de la crème of queer-themed feature, documentary and short films.
  • The accompanying program offers interesting discussions with international guests, a drag show, lectures on current issues, and newly also the Queering the Industry section about the inner workings of the film industry.
  • Visitors can look forward to a rich accompanying program at Mezipatra's 20th edition.
  • It will include a workshop on the benefits of porn in sex education, a discussion with the headliner of Mezipatra's biggest party, DJ Killa, about harassment in clubs, and an insight into the queer history of Brno.
  • Popular parties are prepared for all the festival fans again this year.
  • Guests from abroad will visit Mezipatra Queer Film Festival this year again.
  • Visitors can look forward to American director Rhys Ernst, producer and distributor Michael Raisler, and the director of Freedom to Marry documentary, Eddie Rosenstein.
  • The accompanying program's guests will feature Berlin DJ Killa, and an activist and legend of Berlin night life, Mahide Lein.
  • Mezipatra Queer Film Festival presents five documentaries that will bring “Winds of Change”.
  • The program offers a short film competition, featuring 39 films in seven thematic blocks.
  • The most anticipated films include Changing the Game about trans athletes, autobiographical Madame, and an insight into the world of pornography called Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life.
  • The Queer Film Festival has introduced the 20th edition's program with the theme of “Wind of Change”.
  • The opening film will be director Rhys Ernst's debut, Adam
  • Other films selected for the main feature film competition include for example the Oscar-nominated Swedish-Georgian drama, And Then We Danced, and the Teddy Award-winning quirky Brazilian road movie, Brief Story from the Green Planet (Breve historia del planeta verde).
  • On October 15, Mezipatra Queer Film Festival will introduce its trailer, directed by Jay Walker again.

  • It will feature not only introduction of the trailer and key visuals of this year's edition, but also program film tips.

  • The event takes place in Patra community café.

Mezipatra Queer Film Festival will introduce its new trailer. The event will take place in Patra community café in Krymská 17 on October 15 at 7 p.m. Visitors can also look forward to the introduction of the most anticipated films of this year's program, centred around the theme of “Wind of Change”. The trailer premiere will also represent the last opportunity to purchase festival passes, which offer 7 screenings for the price of 5 (CZK 590).

“The whole dreamy concept of the trailer refers to the spiritual and psychological changes the queer community has undergone since Stonewall,” revealed the American director Jay Walker. “The trailer strives to capture the most important moments of LGBTQ+ history through film symbolism.”

The spot was created in cooperation with Armada Films production company. Some protagonists were selected by New Aliens Agency, which promotes disrupting the worn-out ideals of beauty in society.

The retrospective section will be in a brand new style, this time under the name "Reunion". Promiment members of the queer community will introduce their favourite films. This year, visitors may look forward to films selected by the longest-performing Czech drag queen, Chi Chi Tornádo, Jindřich Chalupecký Award winner Michal Pěchouček, the Trans*parent initiative co-founder Viktor Heumann, architect Martin Hrdina, and lawyer and activist Adéla Horáková.

QFF Mezipatra 2019
Praha 7. – 14. 11.
Brno 15. – 22. 11.
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  • The festival section focusing on film industry is called “Queering the Industry”.
  • The festival will welcome the American director and one of the Transparent series creators, Rhys Ernst, and Michael Raisler, the executive producer of We the Animals and Beach Rats.
  • All events are in English and take place in the Patra community centre (Krymská 17) on Saturday, November 9, and Sunday, November 10. Admission is free.
  • Mezipatra Queer Film Festival will take place in Prague between 7th and 15th November, and then continue in Brno until November 22. The theme of this year's edition is “Wind of Change”.
  • The program features Adam, an American indie comedy by Rhys Ernst, a Swedish-Georgian drama set among dancers, And Then We Danced, and Xavier Dolan's latest film, Matthias et Maxime. The complete festival program will be published on October 16.
  • For the very first time in its history, Mezipatra is also organizing an international industry program.
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