• The best film of the 15th Mezipatra Queer Film Festival according to the viewers is the Children 404 documentary.
  • The festival welcomed 11 750 viewers in Prague and Brno.
  • The Echoes of Mezipatra take place in Olomouc (27th - 29th November) and in Hradec Králové (2nd - 4th December).
  • Two international juries have presented 5 awards.
  • The victorious film can be seen tomorrow, November 13th, at 20:30 at Světozor cinema.
  • The Audience Award will be presented at the closing ceremony of the festival in Brno on November 22nd.
  • The traditional event of Prague autumn will screen 73 queer films from all over the world and the international juries will bestow awards.
  • The festival will welcome several films' creators – courageous Russians, Pavel Loparv and Askold Kurov, and the German director Monika Treut are among the guests.
  • The display will move from Prague to Brno, with echoes taking place in Olomouc and Hradec Králové.
  • The festival's accompanying program includes lectures/discussions, parties and brunches.
  • The discussions will be hosted by Mezipatra's director, Aleš Rumpel, as well as by Ester Janečková.
  • The Saturday party at Neone club will sparkle with Madonna and the 1990s.
  • The 15th edition of Mezipatra Queer Film Festival will welcome delegations of four films.
  • The guests include distinguished filmmakers, documentarians of Russian queer scene, and a gay activist.
  • The festival will also introduce a strong section of short films from all over the world.

  • The documentary section of this year's Mezipatra is called Fight for Your Life. It is Russian queer youth, American gay homeless people, and people with AIDS in the 1980s who are fighting for theirs.
  • Festival retrospective will present awarded, star-cast films with lesbian, gay and trans topics. The screens will present Kate Winslet and Catherine Deneuve.
  • The 15th edition of Queer Film Festival Mezipatra with its topic of Till Death Do Us Part will annex Prague and Brno. The viewers will see 73 films including Oscar nominees.

Press release: Program change in Mezipatra Queer Film Festival – The Imitation Game listed in the printed material program tips

  • The 15th edition of the biggest queer film festival in Europe will screen 73 films from all over the world, with most of them enjoying their Czech premiere at the festival
  • The topic of this year's Mezipatra is ‘Till death do us apart’, which includes first loves, relationships lasting decades and bloodthirsty vampires
  • The documentary 404 Children offers a shocking and insightful probe into the lives of queer people in Vladimir Putin's Russia. 

The opening film of the 15th Mezipatra Queer Film Festival is the Brazilian romantic drama In His Eyes, which captivated the Berlinale’s programming team. At the festival, Daniel Ribeira’s film was awarded the prestigious Teddy Award –an award for the best film dealing with LGBT-related topics.

The sun slowly sets behind Sluneční paseka (The Sunny Meadow) above Křemešník Hill in Vysočina, but director Štěpán FOK Vodrážka can't afford to go to sleep. It's the end of August, and he's shooting the 15th Mezipatra film festival trailer near the Czech town Pelhřimov. Why there? Why near Pelhřimov, a town of records and oddities? And what does Jaroslav Foglar have to say about it? It's too soon for answers. We’ll have to wait, at least until the trailer premieres on Oct. 9 in the NEONE club on Bubenská Street 1.

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